Farm Bureau’s General Approach to Water

Farm Bureau Supports:

  • Increased surface storage
  • Protecting local water supplies and quality for the production of agricultural commodities
  • Supports water conveyance improvements via “through Delta” methods
  • An integrated approach to groundwater management
  • Local governance on water issues
  • The intertie project for the state and federal water systems
  • Regional self sufficiency concepts
  • Supports alternatives to be studied outside of existing BDCP proposals

Farm Bureau Opposes:

  • Isolated conveyance in the Delta
  • Surrendering water rights to State/Federal agencies due to habitat mitigation


Water Committee meets the 4th Tuesday each month at 5:30p.m. All San Joaquin Farm Bureau members are welcome to attend.


Nutria Alert


CDFW confirmed the presence of nutria in April on agricultural land west of Stockton in San Joaquin County, which makes the fifth CA county (Fresno, Merced, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne) where the destructive rodents have been detected since their reappearance in CA in spring of 2017.Their burrowing and capacity to reproduce exponentially jeopardizes the Delta’s network of levees, water conveyance systems and flood-control protections. See the link below of how to identify them, as they closely resemble beavers and muskrats.

Please report any sightings of Nutria. Fish and Wildlife has set up a hotline that they are checking a couple times a day (866) 440-9530.

Nutria Identification


SGMA (Sustainable Groundwater Management Act)Information Brochure



WDRs General Order
The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board has posted the revised Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs) General Order R5-2012-0116-R4 for Growers Within the Eastern San Joaquin River Watershed that are Members of the Third-Party Group. The WDRs General Order was amended by State Water Resources Control Board Order WQ 2018-0002 on 7 February 2018.

The WDRs General Order and State Water Board Order can be found at :