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By Vicky Boyd

Gov. Jerry Brown released a draft 2018-19 general budget of about $132 billion in early January that included increasing the state’s reserves as well as raising the voter-mandated Rainy Day fund.

California Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross praised the governor’s effort and pointed out that even her department’s proposed budget of $488.6 million was more robust than it was during the height of the recession seven years ago.

“It’s really remarkable the fiscal differences the state is in and the stability the state has created,” she said.

By Craig W. Anderson


Nine year old Tino Bruno proudly displays the 29 pound cabbage he grew for the Bonnie Plants contest. Photo by Chris Bruno 

Third-graders experiencing AgVenture always have fun but only a few pursue the annual national cabbage growing contest to its conclusion.

By Craig W. Anderson

Bruce Mettler, former San Joaquin Farm Bureau president, California Farm Bureau Federation board member and a leader in the agriculture community, has died in Lodi at age 72.

“Bruce was a tremendous leader in Farm Bureau, agriculture and the community at large,” said SJFB Executive Director Bruce Blodgett,. “He was generous to many causes in and out of ag. His passing was a sad day for all of us.”

By Vicky Boyd

When Al Dentone set out to register carbon dioxide as a more environmentally friendly fumigant for fruit, stored commodities and wood products, he never envisioned the arduous road ahead. More than 16 months after the Acampo resident submitted a registration package to the Environmental Protection Agency, it issued a product label in June 2016 to control pests of stored food and wood products. The California Department of Pesticide Registration took several more months, finally registering the CO product in April. Oregon and Washington followed shortly after.

By Craig W. Anderson

In December, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a significant revision of tax code that went into effect Jan. 1, an act that raised questions and concerns among the agricultural community.

“The mechanisms used to implement this policy … are significantly more complicated than a simple reduction in tax rates,” said Eric Krienert, director, Moss Adams, an agribusiness practice in Stockton. “With the signing of the tax act, the tax landscape changes significantly for farmers.”