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By Vicky Boyd

With the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers recently releasing a draft Clean Water Rule, San Joaquin County winegrape grower Brad Goehring can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

For the past 14 years, he has immersed himself in getting common sense restored to the Clean Water Act and particularly the portion that defines "Waters of the United States."

Phase 1 of the Bay Delta Plan imposes new February through June flow standards on the lower San Joaquin River (pictured) and its three main tributaries: Merced, Tuolumne and Stanislaus rivers. Photo by Vicky Boyd

One month vote delay changed nothing

By Vicky Boyd

Despite an 11th hour proposal brokered by state resource department leaders, the State Water Board voted 4-1 recently to adopt 40 percent unimpaired flows for San Joaquin River tributaries to aid ailing fish populations.

But board members left open the possibility of revisiting the voluntary settlement proposal crafted by water agencies once more details became apparent.

By Craig W. Anderson

Rachael Fleming and Joe Ferrari were San Joaquin Farm Bureau’s latest staff and member to graduate in the 2018 Leadership Farm Bureau program. The graduation ceremony took place during the 100th CFBF Annual Meeting in San Diego. Fleming and Ferrari and seven others completed more than 250 hours of training in sessions over nearly a year that dealt with personal development, human behavior, public speaking, working with the media, political advocacy, government structure, key political issues and Farm Bureau organization and structure.

By Vicky Boyd

Lodi-area winegrape grower Diego Olagary received an unwelcome surprise from the California Air Resources Board recently concerning a 1987 truck he only uses to water dusty roads and nurse vineyard spray rigs.

The $3,000 notice of violation was on a diesel truck with "Special Equipment" SE license plates used exclusively in agriculture within a few miles of the farm and predominately off road.

By Craig W. Anderson

Brie Hunt, representing San Joaquin County Farm Bureau was a finalist in the Young Farmers and Ranchers Discussion Meet, held at the 100th CFBF annual meeting in San Diego.

Hunt is no stranger to the Discussion Meet and continues to be one of the major competitors in the annual event. It was once a nerve-wracking experience for her, but not so much, now.