San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation

Make your voice heard on Nov. 6


A good portion of our time last month was spent on the advancement of San Joaquin Farm Bureau’s position in the sphere of politics.  The SJFB Endorsement Committee has been conducting interview sessions with many political candidates seeking our endorsement. We have discussed many current and pertinent issues affecting agriculture and questioned candidates about their positions on these issues.

The committee extends invitations to opposition candidates as well. After these interviews take place, a recommendation is made to the full SJFB Board of Directors where we decide to make an endorsement or abstain from endorsement.

The highlight of this process was the time we spent with California gubernatorial candidate John Cox. We were able to hear directly from him about his vision for California and about specific issues affecting us in production agriculture. It was exciting that he would seek us out and that we were given the opportunity to have a personal discussion of the issues. You will find a list of recommendations on page 14 in this issue.

On a final note, regarding the upcoming Nov. 6 ballot, I would like to remind you that a “no” vote on taxing marijuana is also a “no” vote on marijuana being legalized in the county unincorporated areas. So, if you live in the county and don’t want pot growing neighbors, vote “no” on Nov. 6!