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President's Message
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No call is too small


February has been quite a month. I have been busy attending the recent Farm Center meetings where in addition to elections of their center chairs and directors, members of the San Joaquin County Sheriff Rural Crime Department have given presentations. 

The detectives discussed recent crime trends and reminded the members present to stay vigilant. You know the area better than they do; if something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

They also encouraged everyone to report everything. Even if it doesn’t seem like the detectives can do anything, they utilize this information to assign need in the county. If they receive enough calls, they are able to assign more detectives to a certain area or use the information to show a need for more detectives or programs. 

For instance, the department is currently looking into new methods for tracking criminals called smart water. This water when sapplied to equipment will be visible on someone’s hand under certain UV light. This program has a lot of details to work out, but is a great example of the department’s focus. 

Despite looking into other programs, the OAN “Owner Applied Number” is always a great option. For this program, a member of the S.T.A.R.S. will come to your operation, assign you a number and mark your equipment. In the event any of your equipment is stolen, the OAN will trace your equipment back to you. To contact the Rural Crime Division, call (209) 468-4434. 

In addition to rural crime, members of the board of supervisors have given presentations on the levees and the San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services, Department of Water Resources and other coordinating agencies. In addition to the area reports, the supervisors want to ensure that any farmer and rancher who needs assistance, is receiving it.

If you need assistance and are not receiving it, contact the SJFB office at (209) 931-4931 and we will reach out to the board of supervisors or you may contact their office directly at (209) 468-3113. 

Besides the Farm Center meetings, March will be a busy month. The 26th Annual Wine Tasting will be held Thursday, March 16 and the scholarship deadline is March 17. For more information about these, including applications, please visit the SJFB website at or contact the SJFB office.